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SoulGood Getaways- offering
Holistic Embodied Wellness Pathways to connect to your Divine Radiance

SoulGood Getaways isn't just about going on a beautiful wellness Retreat or participating in a memorable workshop. SoulGood getaways is about creating a life of magnificance, radiance & abundance.

Its about feeling SoulGood in every single part of your being and then taking that out into the world to sustain those feel good vibes in your every day life.

At SoulGood Getways, we offer experiences that are a cut above the rest, with a vast array of options on offer, whether you're looking for a deep immersion or wanting to learn something new or perhaps you are looking to work one on one with Cherie or jump into the group programs.

Cherie has created a Holistic Embodied Wellness Pathway for you to connect with your divine Radiant Certainty.

"I expand into abundance, success & love daily while inspiring others to do the same"

-Gay Hendricks (the big leap)

From my heart to yours

My highest value is to follow my heart, I learnt this as a very small child and it's taken me a lifetime to come home to what I've always known to be true.

That my heart is my greatest guide & messanger.

My work in the world is deeply connected through my heart, it has never guided me astray in my life and it always shares with me only that which will serve my greatest and highest good.

If you've come across these pages today, I want to thank you for stopping by, but also I'd like you to ask yourself the following questions.

Why has the universe guided me here today?

What is it I'm being guided to lean in to and is there anything here on these pages that resonates with me deeply enough for me to reach out and connect?

I'm so pleased you stopped by and I am holding a space in my heart for you today for your growth, healing & expansion of the heart & your evolution on this planet.

From my heart to yours and much love always

Cherie-Ashana xx

6 week Holistic Embodied Wellness Journey 1:1

There are many pathways to wellness in life be it physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally & spirtually. Often however, not everything we need is covered under one roof.

This is why I created the 6 week Embodied Wellness pathway. The entire journey is approximately 6 weeks.

It is the prerequisite to my deeper immersion programs that I offer a few times a year.

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Radiant Heart-Full Day Immersions 2024

Dates will be released soon for the Radiant Heart full day immersions. Dive into the deliciousness of what a full day of hanging out in the heart can do for your wellbeing.

These are a wonderful experience for anyone who seeks to connect deeply with the realms of the heart and tune into the heart intelligence. The Radiant Heart full day immersions are a great taster if you're considering the longer deeper retreat immersions held throughout the year.

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